Success in the insurance industry stems from trust, convenience, and compliance. Insurance companies are always on the lookout for solutions and technologies that simplify and streamline their processes, enhance customer experience, and maintain low costs. However, with the mushrooming growth of these insurance agencies, the industry is becoming a battlefield to survive, grow and succeed.

In such a fiercely competitive business landscape, if you have complicated processes, traditional methods of customer communication, and an unresponsive support system, your customers might find their way to a more customer-centric provider offering better CX.

Customer Communication Platform or CPaaS for Insurance Industry

Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is a readily adopted, innovative, flexible, and scalable solution that is helping insurance companies take their customer experience to the next level. Its deployment not only automates the process but also improves the user-agent experience for increased customer loyalty.

This omnichannel platform brings all communications – messaging, calling, video calling, social media messaging, and much more – under one roof so that you can reach out to your customers anytime with ease and accessibility. Also, the flexible APIs and programmable SDKs enable your developer or system integrator to embed real-time communication features into your application with ease and efficiency.

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Benefits of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) for Insurance Industry

      1. Add convenience to insurance claim and renewal process
        Claiming insurance or requesting renewal is often a complex process requiring a lot of documentation, verification, and communication among different departments. The on-site visit for a home or auto insurance claim is also a time and cost-consuming process.

        However, if your insurance app is CPaaS enabled, you can simplify the entire claim process and renewals through video calling, conferencing, instant messaging, and digital exchange of documents. They can be electronically shared among different stakeholders for quick review and approval providing ultimate convenience to the end users.

      2. Keep your customers engaged and informed
        Maintaining and expanding customer relationships is key if you want to further your business with an existing customer. And with the ever-increasing expectations of customers, if you are still sticking to the traditional mode of interaction over phone calls, you might irritate the customers who have their preferences now.Utilizing CPaaS for insurance, you can connect with an insurer or a customer over multiple channels like SMS, WhatsApp, email, Chatbot, IVRS, social media, or push notifications.Customer engagement done through an omnichannel communication strategy using these channels is far more effective in yielding positive business results.

    Send SMS for:

        • Automated updates on policy expiry dates and renewal requests
        • Premium reminders
        • Payment confirmations
        • OTP messages
        • Birthday, festive, or special day offers

    Engage on WhatsApp:

        • Share link for payment collection
        • Share images, files, documents or videos of your products
        • Answer customer queries through bots
        • Help customers self-serve their needs
        • Send information articles, tips, or useful information

     Send push notifications for:

        • New product/policy launch
        • Offers for existing customers

     Engage through IVR:

        • Update on claim status
        • Answer on due dates or expiry dates
        • Connect to agents

    Send eMails:

        • Help customers login to their accounts and edit their profile or other details
  1. Offer consistent customer support and encourage self-service

    Satisfactory customer support is one of the defining factors of customer retention. Imagine how frustrating it could be for a customer to be put on a long “hold music” or for the number to be unreachable when in need.

    Automating your communication or utilizing various channels like a chatbot or IVR can help your customers self-serve, get answers to their queries through access to FAQs, check claim status, submit documents on their own, or edit a few details without requiring any face-to-face appointment with an agent.

    This not only enhances the customer experience but also cuts the administrative bloat, keeps your agents free, and improves transparency benefitting agents and customers both.

      • Messaging channels for educational campaigns: There is a lack of unawareness and knowledge about insurance products and their benefits. With the right kind of communication tools like SMS, WhatsApp, or social media platforms, you can educate your audience, resolve their doubts, and guide them as to what type of insurance is the best for them.
      • Register your USPs: The market flooding with endless insurance products creates some obvious confusion and ambiguity while requiring you to make a choice. A consistent messaging campaign highlighting the USPs of your company can design a brand narrative positioning your brand over others for the given USPs. Make sure to craft a robust omnichannel communication marketing
      • Build your reputation: Adopting a holistic communication strategy and running branding campaigns can help you position your brand, gain credibility and top-of-mind brand recall among your potential customers which is the key to future sales.Build brand and ensure consistent growth 
  2. Remove silos in internal communication

    Though customer communication forms an integral part of any organization’s growth story, what remains underrated, but equally important is the need for strong internal communication. Your employees should be on the same page regarding the introduction of any new product, change in policies, updates on old programs, and other vital information they require to do their jobs.

    Apart from these, an organization should also engage in building strong relationships with employees by messaging them on birthdays, festivals, new year, or other occasions. This helps nurture a healthy work environment and can positively impact morale.

How can Nudge, a cloud communication platform from Tilli Software help insurance companies improve their Customer Experience?

Nudge with its comprehensive set of communication tools like SMS, WhatsApp, eMail, Push Notification, IVR, and Chatbot, can help you connect with your customers in a digital, mobile-first way that can transform their experience. With the right deployment of these tools for customer engagement in real-time, you can reinvent your insurance operations, simplify renewals, and automate collections, thus saving time, money, and effort significantly.

The flexible APIs of Nudge can easily integrate with your ERP or business support system to fetch customer data and automate your communication programs and systems with multi-channel capabilities.

Drive Your Customers Towards Effective Call-to-Action with Nudge
There is a lot you can do using an omnichannel customer communication platform like Nudge. A timely-planned communication strategy with effective “call-to-action” can make your customers act in real-time.

  • Send reminders for premium, maturity, or policy renewals with a payment link for immediate collection
  • Send payment confirmations, transaction alerts, or OTP messages
  • Send new product updates or notifications
  • Send discounts or special offers
  • Manage claims
  • Guide for auto-debit setup
  • Edit insurer/dependent details
  • Facilitate digital applications with links
  • Resolve customer queries

With such a smart solution and intelligent automation, you can free up your agents and valuable resources for complex tasks and achieve bigger goals of the organization.

Every organization has its unique communication needs. Our experts can help you identify the communication gaps and suggest the best-fitting customer communication solution meant just for your business!

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