Tilli Software at Global FinTech Fest 2023, Mumbai, India

5th-7th Sept, 2023 Booth E19E21

B2B Payout Solution Payment Gateway BBPS Biller Onboarding

Digital Wallet Digital Customer Communication

Customer Experience Platform Banking as a Service

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Be a Part of India's FinTech Revolution - Monay Payments Tilli' Product

Nudge, Monay, and More from Tilli Software

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Seamless Communication and Secure Transactions

Payments at the Speed of Life!

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Customer communication product.

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Booth E19E21

Join us at Global FinTech Fest GFF 2023

Get ready to witness a groundbreaking showcase of fintech innovations as Tilli Software hits the floor at GFF 2023. We are thrilled to unveil our game changing B2B Payout Solution, Banking as a Service, Digital Ledger, Consumer Wallet, BBPS Biller Onboarding, Payment Gateway Experience and Digital Customer Communication System. We are poised to redefine the FinTech space.

Join us as we embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and unlimited possibilities!

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Booth E19E21

Monay manage all your service provider Payments Automate payouts

B2B Payout Solution: Streamline Your Business Finances with Ease

Say goodbye to manual and complex vendor/supplier payment with Monay’s B2B payout solution. Easily fetch invoices from suppliers, initiate payments, automate reconciliations, and ensure timely settlements. Simplify the process by verifying invoices, generating payment files, and securely transferring funds—all in just a few clicks.

Booth E19E21

Get Onboarded to BBPS 2 weeks - Tilli at GFF 2023

BBPS Biller Onboarding Services: Revolutionize Bill Payments with Unmatched Ease

Leverage Tilli’s ready-to-use adapter-based framework and plugins to integrate your ERP or bill generation system to Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) and allow your customers to pay bills and start accepting payments anytime, anywhere. Tilli, an official Technology Service Provider for BBPS, can help you onboard to BBPS platform without any technical hassles and complexities.

Start your onboarding process! Talk to the experts.

Booth E19E21

Get Onboarded to BBPS 2 weeks - Tilli at GFF 2023
Secure Monay Payment Gateway From Tilli | PCI DSS | ISO 27001 Sertified | SOC 2 Compliant

Tilli’s Monay Payment Gateway– Simplify Your Payment Experience

Monay is a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant payment gateway, digital wallet, and merchant processor offering a frictionless payment experience to both businesses and customers. With industry-leading security measures, real-time transactions, comprehensive reporting, seamless integration options, and multi-currency capabilities, Monay empowers businesses to extend their global reach, thrive, and succeed in the digital era.

Start Processing Your Payments!

What on the earth is BBPS?

Tilli’s Nudge – Reduce Your Cost
with Tilli’s All-in-One Customer Communication Platform

Elevate your customer communication experience to a whole new level with Nudge, a cloud-communication platform with multi-channel capabilities, including text, voice, video, IVR, and much more. Engage with your customers in real-time for bill presentment and collection through timely nudges and transform your business digitally. No more missed opportunities – just have WhatsApp, SMS, push notifications, eMail, chat, IVRS and more to connect, engage, and succeed with your customers!

What on the earth is BBPS?

Dive into Tilli’s FinTech Journey at Global FinTech Fest, 2023

Join us as we lead at GFF 2023, shaping fintech’s future with innovation, collaboration, and contribution towards the evolution of payments—one groundbreaking solution at a time.

From seamless transactions to innovative customer experiences, we’re paving the way for fintech transformation.

Let’s Collaborate!

Step into our booth and immerse yourself in the innovative world of Tilli Software, where our experts will be ready to listen, understand your unique business needs, and suggest the perfect solutions for you.

Explore possibilities, and together, let’s shape the future of Indian FinTech.

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