Every day we become more aware that we need to do more for the environment. And reduced paper consumption is one way you can significantly impact the environment by eliminating the excessive consumption of paper. Did you know that it takes 24 trees to produce one ton of paper? And on average, one tree takes 100 years to grow? Clearly, by reducing your paper consumption you can also reduce your carbon footprint. 


Why Is Paper Billing Bad For The Environment? 

Digital billing could replace about 25% of paper consumption, which is a huge amount. Not to mention the marginal impact reduction. Less paper means less overhead costs. And there are a growing number of fully functional online payment platforms like Utilli that have been designed to create a more intuitive billing experience that can also reduce your carbon footprint. 

You can also look at the overall co2 percentages from digital versus paper. 

The Environmental Paper Network has estimated that paper consumption creates 8% of global emissions and IT is only responsible for 2.7%. Therefore, moving to a digital billing method can greatly impact our environment for the better. 


How Can Utilli Help Reduce Paper Billing?

UtilliCX offers 360 degrees of bill payment. We work with existing data systems, offer a sleek platform, and create a modern bill-paying experience that increases on-time payments and reduces your carbon footprint. Through the UtilliCX platform, your customers have access to payments, messages, real-time data, and your customers can compare past consumption to make more informed choices. 

UtilliCX Features:

  • Energy Efficiency Benchmarking
  • Scheduled Customer Communications
  • Real-Time Utility Consumption Data
  • Integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Charitable Giving and Automatic Donations
  • Notifications and Service Updates

While there are many things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, starting with billing is a great way to make more sustainable choices for your business and the planet. If you would like to learn more about how UtilliCX can help you streamline your billing process and enhance your customer experience, you can schedule a demo today.